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About Us

Discovery Language Programs have been providing enrichment and in-curriculum foreign language classes to elementary and middle school students in the Chicago area since 1992.

Discovery Language Programs was formed by an international group of highly experienced educators whose goal is to provide students and schools with the best enrichment programs in foreign language education, in a cost effective manner. The curriculum has been carefully developed by educational specialists in the field of foreign language instruction. The teaching method uses a natural, oral approach with gradual immersion. Students build oral language skills through games, songs, and hands-on activities.

Reading and writing skills are introduced when age appropriate. Discovery Language Programs allow children to experience other cultures and become aware of multicultural issues. Before or after school enrichment classes are also offered that are parent-paid programs with no cost to the school or district. The in-curriculum classes are offered during regular school hours and are usually paid for by the school. 

Discovery Language Programs provide all necessary materials for students and teachers. All the materials can be purchased directly from our Online Bookstore!