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Should foreign language instruction start earlier in the U.S.?

Foreign language programs are often one of the first items to be scrutinized and cut when elementary, middle, and high schools in the U.S. face poor performance evaluations or budget crunches.
However, many studies have demonstrated the benefits of second language learning not only on student’s linguistic abilities but on their cognitive and creative abilities as well. Duke TIP interviewed several
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The Benefits of Early Learning!

Research proves that children have a greater advantage over others if they learn a foreign language at the same time they are learning their primary language – the second language will be simultaneously stored neatly and subconsciously in the same area of the brain. Children are not confused by learning additional languages, despite the propensity for this in adults – their brains create separate and unique neural pathways for each language.
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Discovery Language Programs – launches new website!

Discovery Language Programs steps it up a notch with a new user friendly website – designed by Christopher Foltz & Company.
Our goal is to create a website that provides online registration for parents, serves as a means to spotlight our students, and promotes key tools and tips for students learning a foreign language! We’re excited to bring a fresh look
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