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FRENCH CAMP 1 – 1 Week Curriculum

This is an excellent review tool for students who have participated in “¿Comment Ça-va, les petits?” or “¿Comment Ça-va 1?” course during the school year. It is also a great beginning curriculum for students of all ages who have never studied French before.

Students meet for four hours per day for 5 consecutive days.

Topics covered:

    • Greetings, common phrases, introductions
    • Colors, numbers
    • Days of the week
    • Clothing
    • Animals
    • Market place and some food
    • Cultural units: geography of France, French cooking and art.
    • Students learn a variety of games and songs, they play different sports, cook and do art projects.

All these activities are fully described in the teacher’s guide. Every student need a folder with all handouts and vocabulary list used at camp. Additional craft materials, videos and CDs can be purchased through Discovery Language Programs for an extra charge.

FRENCH CAMP 1– 2 Week Curriculum

The topics covered are the same as in French camp 1 – 1 week. Classes are shorter, two hours each day with students meeting for 10 days.

FRENCH CAMP 2– 1 Week Curriculum

This camp is designed for students who have either taken Sunshine Language Camp 1 or are familiar with “¿Comment Ça-va 1?” program. It is a good review for students who have taken “¿Comment Ça-va 2?” program during the school year.

Topics covered:

  • Names, greetings and introductions
  • Numbers up to 100, counting, adding, multiplying etc., in the target language.
  • Review of colors and introduction of different shapes.
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Seasons, months and weather
  • Dates and birthdays and zodiac signs
  • Cultural classes: France, Paris, Collage
  • In town: special places and giving directions.

FRENCH CAMP 2 – 2 Week Curriculum

This curriculum covers the same topics as the French 2 – 1 week curriculum. Students meet for 10 days, two hours each day.